Wire Partitions & Cages

Style 840 Wire Partition

Style 840 Wire Partitions

These Woven Wire Partitions are commonly used to divide large buildings, as free standing enclosures, or security cages.

Tool Crib

Tool Cribs & Wire Storage Cages

You can construct your own custom Tool Crib with our panels. We offer a selection of sliding, hinged, and double hinged doors. This unique design offers security, light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.

Woven and Welded Wiremesh

Woven & Welded Wiremesh

Should you want to create your own wire structure, high quality woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh are available at affordable pricing.

Server Cage

Server Cages

These cages are perfect for protective computer equipment and network servers. Easily modified, these cages are ideal for facilities needing to host and separate multiple customers’ equipment.

Evidence and Secured Storage

Evidence & Secured Storage

Offering an open and secure design, evidence and secured storage protects property room inventory while keeping it visible. You won’t have to modify your current lighting, HVAC, or fire suppression to adapt to this kind of enclosure.

Driver Access Cage

Driver Access Cages

These access cages provide an effective way of controlling the ins and outs of distribution centers or factory floors by confining visitors and truck drivers to a designated area.

All images courtesy of Wirecrafters.