Kwikset Smart Security

The ultimate in home security and customization, Kwikset offers many options for keyless entry. From the Powerbolt, to SmartCode, to Kevo Bluetooth technology, there’s sure to be a system that fits your home security needs. SmartCode allows you to control who has access to your home with all the benefits of keyless entry. Home Connect has all the features of SmartCode but with the added convenience to integrate your door lock with in-home security systems, home automation systems, and remote access systems.

Kwikset Powerbolt


The original in keyless home security, Powerbolt is easy to install, program and use. For keyless entry, simply enter your personalized access code. Locking and securing your home is as easy as pushing a button.

Kwikset Deadbolt

SmartCode Deadbolt

A step up from the Powerbolt, The SmartCode Deadbolt offers more code options and an almost seamless installation. Personal key codes can be created easily and deleted. Available in original and Home Connect models.

Kwikset Lever

SmartCode Lever

The Deadbolt’s more graceful cousin, the SmartCode Lever offers the same level of security but with a sleek, sophisticated look. With four customizable access codes, you can let in anyone you choose.

Kevo Lock

Kevo Bluetooth Technology

No keypad, no problem! Access your home with the click of a key fob or from the convenience of your smartphone. Only available on iPhone 4s and newer.