Iron Works

Bring us your design ideas!

Now offering custom gate services, Avallone Iron Works strives to create a security gate for you that is as beautiful as it is durable. Your Avallone Iron Works product will always be custom built by hand, as well as installed to fit your needs. Here’s some tips to get started!

Folding Gate

Swing Gates

A basic swing gate is secure and durable, and almost infinitely customizable. Swing gates are best for residential needs, but can be used commercially as well.

Portable Gate

Portable Security Gates

Made with heavy duty galvanized steel, these gates are meant to weather the elements. Portable gates can be used virtually anywhere and provide strong security. Easy to set up, collapse, and store, these gates are perfect for temporary access control.

Barrier Gates

Very similar to the above portable security gates, barrier gates provide temporary access control. These gates are a bit smaller, and even EASIER to pack up and transport. Barrier gates allow light and air circulation while providing safety and mobility.

Custom Gate

Iron Works By Design

Let your imagination run wild and design a beautiful, durable security gate with the aid of our in-house professionals.