Preferred Packages

We’ve got complete garage door packages for any budget. Look at our top choices to find the garage door of your dreams.

Spirit of America ($)

The Amarr Stratford 1000 is a high-safety, low-maintenance model, which means it’s perfect for the homeowner who doesn’t want to have to think too hard about his garage door, except to glance backward once in a while and think wow, looking good.

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Beautifully Durable ($$)

In the 19th century, carriage houses were graceful structures used for storing coaches and the horses that drew them. Today you can capture the spirit of the carriage house with a garage door that offers the same old-world charm and classic design.

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Best of Both Worlds ($$$)

Quick: which is more important—looks or functionality? With the Classica 1000, you won’t have to choose. It has the charm of the 19th century with the functionality of the 21st.

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The Very Best ($$$$)

Distinctly defined. Built with durable composite overlay trim and insulated steel-backed sections, these garage doors provide energy efficiency, noise reduction and innovative design to any home.

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