Door Hoods & Canopies

No matter the location or the climate, door hoods and canopies have your doors covered! Easy to install and available in several different finishes, these door hoods and canopies protect your exterior doors, windows, frames and hardware from the damaging effects of Mother Nature. Models available for both mild climates and harsh wintery weather.

Door Hood (Mild Climates)

These door hoods provide an exterior drip edge to prevent deterioration of walls, windows, doors, jambs, and hardware. These sturdy door hoods are made of ABS plastic with a UV protection finish and are available in three colors: almond, beige, and grey. 

Door Canopy (Snow & Ice)

A step up from the sturdy Door Hood, the Door Canopy protects your doors and windows even better! Strong enough to fight snow and ice, it helps keep your exit safer from the danger of ice.

Personnel Door Canopy

Another kind of door canopy, this one comes as a complete customizable set. Convenient and efficient, it protects against the elements. The canopy itself incorporates and guttural drain that empties outside of the door jambs.