Garage Organization

Clear the clutter and get the most of your garage! Our garage organization options make it easier than ever to keep your garage nice and neat.

Storage Options

LPL Cherry

Laminate Slatwall – Cherry

Available in many different finishes, Spacewall’s space economical low pressure laminate slatwall system allows for a variety of storage options.

Track System

Steel Rack Wall System

Variety of racks with multiple hook locations. PVC Coating.

Garden Rack and Basket

Garden Rack

Store all of your garden tools in this handy slatwall compatible caddy.

Big Tool Rack

Big Tool Rack

Store all of your large garden tools in this handy slatwall compatible caddy.

Sports Rack and Basket

Sports Rack

Store all of your sports supplies in this handy slatwall compatible caddy.

Shelf with Kooks

Storage Shelf with Hooks

Use this all-purpose caddy to store all your odds-and-ends.

High Ceiling

Ceiling Storage: Med. or High Capacity

Offering a variety of racks in different capacities.
Medium: 400-600 lbs.
High: 650-750 lbs.

Overhead Wall

Overhead Storage: Super Capacity

Models range in capacity: 300 – 1000 lbs. The 1000 lb. model as pictured can hold up to 66% more than competitive products.

Platform Ceiling

Super Platform: Platform Ceiling

Contiguous Storage. Varying depths available.

Platform Wall

Super Platform: Platform Wall

Overhead Storage. Varying depths available.

Power Rack

Power Rax

Motorized Ceiling Storage – NO LADDERS! Available in 3 different sizes and weight capacities.

Lift System

Lift Systems

Part of the “Power Rax” Universal System with expanded features.

Bike Lift

Bike Hanger Wall System

Great organization for bikes. Comes in a variety of styles.

Ladder Rack

Ladder Rack Wall System

Works great for ladders as well as trim pieces, lumber, skis, and snowboards.

Steel Wall

Garage Wall Shelves

Safety Lip/Grid Support.