In Louisiana we get a full spectrum of seasons – often all within one week! Whew! For many homeowners that can mean costly utility bills. Having proper insulation in place can help abate some of the cost. The more energy efficient your home is – the less the bill. We’re all in favor of giving the man less money, right?

Problem: Your garage isn’t insulated. You can’t decide whether to get one of those Do-It-Yourself kits and save a few bucks, or to call a professional about a new install. What to do?

Our answer is predictable. We promise we’re not trying to toot our own horns here, but in this case, a professional is the answer.

Just because it is more “affordable” to retrofit your insulation, doesn’t mean it’s better for your home. The DIY kits are often “one size fits all” (?), but that may not work for a homeowner in need of a more customized solution. DIY insulation is often not as effective as Foam in Place (FIP) Panels, and can actually put a strain on your existing garage door, damaging it. The wear and tear the DIY can pack onto your door may actually have you requiring a new garage door sooner. Condensation can also get in between your insulation and the existing door, creating a whole host of mold and mildew problems, not to mention corrosion.

Initially, the price may seem more manageable for a DIY solution, but you will easily recoup those extra dollars in energy efficiency with an insulated garage door installation.

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